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Pre-Registration begins Friday, October 15
It ends Friday, January 7th


Start Line

It's where the race starts... Why did they put this pre-fill here?


You bet your sweet candy tail we will have donuts... That's just half way through the race! We will have a food truck fiesta at the finish line! We know you need to carbo-load after burning all of those calories!

Medical Team

If you get injured in a .5K we will consider this thinning the heard and will not feel obligated to interfere with natural selection. If you need help running, stretching, or drinking see our resources tab!

Hydration Station

Water is for the weak... We re-hydrate 

with hops and barley! There is still a drought in California so we sent all of our water to them, but we will have plenty of beer! 


Ski Resort Landscape


Go fast, turn right.... We were going to run this race like NASCAR

(and every other race frankly, but we thought the level of mullets we expect to see on race day required a NASCAR reference)... However, one of our race officials has Sinistrophobia...

Just look it up..

We will start the race at the intersection of Tyler and Center St. Those who value money will turn around and walk 15 feet to the finish line with your $100 bribe, where we will then fan-girl over you for joining the short list of elite athletes who have ever completed a Half K!

MARIO KART SHORTCUT: Those who are willing to fork over a little extra cash to make the short race even shorter, will turn down the alleyway and proceed to the beer tent! If Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are  your mom, you are in like flynn! No scandal here!

TEAM RACE: Your 4 person team will be evenly spaced on the course. The first runner will run the first quarter, grab a beer from the second runner on the track and chug it. When the first runner finishes, the second runner will take off. The last runners beer will be waiting on a table at the finish line and once he chugs it a classic game of flip cup will ensue. 

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